Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pakistan In Pictures

The 16-year-old Arfa Karim Randhawa, who died on January 14 2012 after complications resulting from an epileptic stroke, that natural desire to mourn should also be accompanied by celebration of a person who in her short life, did manage to achieve more than what most of us could hope for in their lifetimes. At the age of nine, she became the youngest-ever Microsoft Certified Professional, earning kudos from Bill Gates himself and an invitation to visit his company’s headquarters in America. A year later, she was certified as a pilot by a flying club in Dubai. Not only is Arfa the youngest ever recipient of the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance, she was also awarded the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in Science and Technology and the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award. The word genius may be bandied about too freely, but in Arfa’s case it was a moniker well-earned. The Express Tribune

Temple of Double-headed Eagle, Sirkap, Taxila

(World Heritage Site since 1980)
The city of Sirkap (Severed Head), chronologically the second major city of Taxila, is to be found spreading down the Hathial Spur and on to the plains of the Taxila valley. It is bounded by the Tamra stream and to the north and south by the Gau stream, which today has been almost completely obliterated by a modern road and water channel. The present layout of the city was established by the Bactrian Greeks sometime around 180 BC and takes the form of a wide and open grid system. A number of temples and monasteries can be found here: Apsidal Temple, Sun Temple, Shrine of the Double Headed Eagle, Kunala Monastery and Ghai Monastery.

A Sikh temple is seen decorated to celebrate the Baisakhi festival in Hasan Abdal, Pakistan, on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. The three-day Baisakhi festival of the Sikh community started at Gurdawara Punja Sahib with the participation of Sikhs from India, Pakistan and other countries. (AP Photo/B.K.Bangash)

Shogran is a village situated on a green plateau in the Naran ValleY, northern Pakistan at a height of 2,362 meters above sea level.

KARACHI: Dr Marilyn Hickey, a US televangelist and a healer of international repute, is here in Karachi for a three-day healing convention.

This is her second visit to Karachi after 1999, but the sixth visit to the country, according to her national manager, evangelist Robinson Asghar. On her last visit to Lahore in 2003, Hickey drew a crowd of about 125,000 people to the hockey stadium on the last day of her healing gathering and cured many by her spiritual powers, he said. The Express Tribune

Saba launches La Chantal at the Designers in Karachi



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