Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pakistani handicrafts: Intricate and beautiful

Pakistani handicrafts: Intricate and beautiful:

Ceramics and glazed pottery traces back to Indus Valley Civilization (2500 BC) making it among one of the oldest art forms in Pakistan. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

Silver bracelets inlaid with semi precious stones. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

Metalwork, including inlaid or engraved traditional style utensils, boxes, dishes, and tea sets made from brass, copper, silver and gold are important crafts. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

The most popular techniques for pottery include engraving intricate designs into the undercoating of the pottery and then glazing it with colored transparent glazes. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

Intricate colorful hand embroidery with tiny pieces of mirror stitched in the colorful patterns on a patchwork piece. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

The art of carving on metal not only show the aesthetics of the artisans but also depicts the history and tells stories. PHOTO: FARAH KAMAL

  Club Genova launches in Karachi. Areeba. PHOTO COURTESY CATALYST PR

Shaheen Khan holds a fashion show for the launch of her lothing-line, Khanz, in Karachi. Urooj.PHOTO COURTESY SHERAZ PHOTOGRAPH

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